To be a wire-rope rigger or end user, you must be aware of all the different types of wire-rope terminations, or treatments, that are available. To provide a long-term connection between the wire rope and its load, these terminations typically include an eye or some other type of fitting.

As a mechanical device, wire rope can be used to support and move an object or load. With swivels, shackles, or hooks, wire ropes are used in the lifting and rigging industries to attach to a load and move it precisely. Elevators can be raised and lowered with the help of this device, as well as suspension bridges or towers.

We’ll go through the definitions of the following terminology and how they can be utilized to finish off a wire rope cable in this article:

  • Wire rope sockets—spelter sockets, swaged sockets, and wedge sockets
  • Wire rope clips—U-bolt wire rope clips and double saddle wire rope clips
  • Eye splices—mechanical (Flemish) and hand-tucked splices
  • Wire rope end termination efficiencies

Termination options

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