Across a wide range of industries, wire rope slings are an essential piece of rigging hardware for lifting and hoisting operations. Depending on the application, these slings can be used to connect the load to the lifting device in a variety of ways. In addition to the aforementioned single and multi-part stranded and cable-laid slings (such as round, flat, Tri-Flex and cable-laid), there are a wide variety of attachments (such as grommets, single leg bridles, multiple leg slings, and more) to choose from.

To lift heavy loads in construction, shipbuilding, and the marine industry, wire rope slings are the most common method of transporting them. Heavy-duty shifting and loading of heavy objects necessitates the use of this component in the manufacturing industry. Loads can vary in shape and size depending on the manufacturing activity for which they are intended. As a whole, the manufacturing sector encompasses a wide range of activities including the production of finished goods and the distribution of those goods. Wire rope slings can be used in any one of these activities, and the proper sling must be chosen for each one.