Lifting Modulift Modular Spreader Beams are a versatile and cost-effective solution for most lifting needs, with capacities ranging from 2 to 5000t and spans of up to 100m/330′.

Spreader Beam Capacity of up to 100t is standard for Modulift.

range up to 1000 t of Modulift heavy spreader beams

Super Heavy Spreader Beam Range of up to 5000t is offered by Modulift

It is possible to reuse Modulift Spreader Beams over numerous lifts because to the modular design and interchangeable components. The Modulift family of Modular Spreader Beams has been designed and manufactured in-house by our engineering specialists.

Using replaceable struts that can be fastened into the assembly between the End Units, Modulift Modular Spreader Beams can be lengthened or shortened to suit lifting requirements, making them reusable at different spans.


Capacity: 6 tonnes
Max. Span: 4.5 meters

Capacity: 12 tonnes
Max. Span: 6.5 meters

Capacity: 24 tonnes
Max. Span: 8.0 meters

Capacity: 34 tonnes
Max. Span: 10 meters

Capacity: 50 tonnes
Max. Span: 13 meters

Capacity: 70 tonnes
Max. Span: 14 meters

Capacity: 100 tonnes
Max. Span: 14 meters

Capacity: 110 tonnes
Max. Span: 18 meters

Capacity: 170 tonnes
Max. Span: 18 meters