ipH10 | lifting clamp

IPH10 | Lifting Clamp| CROSBY IP | Benedicto Steel
Crosby IP | Lifting Clamp | Benedicto Steel

Lifting Clamp



All products mentioned in the list are subject to approval due to availability issue and discretion of supplier and client. Any variation on the specifics of the components to be used shall be reflected on the final certificate without any compromise on the quality and the requested Working Load Limit.


Available in capacities of .5 thru 12 metric tons.
• Jaw openings available: 0” to 4.75”.
• Welded alloy steel body for strength and smaller size. Forged alloy components, where required.
• Individually Proof Tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with certification.
• Company name (CrosbyIP), logo, Working Load Limit and jaw opening permanently stamped on body.
• Each product is individually serialized, with the serial number and Proof Load test date stamped on body. User manual with test certificate is included with each clamp.
• Maintenance and repair kits are available.
• Manufactured by an ISO 9001 facility.
• All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.


Any warranty regarding the quality or performance of chain sling products is always premised on the condition that the published strengths apply only to new, unused rope, that the mechanical equipment on which such products are used is properly designed and maintained, that such products are properly stored, handled, used, and maintained, and that such products are properly inspected on a regular basis during the period of use.

Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable for consequential or incidental damages or secondary charges, including but not limited to personal injury, labor costs, or a loss of profits, resulting from the use of said products or from said products being incorporated in or becoming a component of any other product.