Loadshackle - Wireless/Telemetry, Cabled, Subsea and ATEX/IECEx

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Straightpoint | Benedicto Steel

Loadshackle - Wireless/Telemetry, Cabled, Subsea and ATEX/IECEx
Manufactured: United Kingdom


Loadshackles are a robust and effective means of measuring tensile loads in a variety of applications.

Built to withstand the demands of challenging environments, SP Loadshackles are ideal for compact and reliable lifting and weighing operations across all industry sectors including oil & gas, marine, subsea, construction and military.

They are available as wireless/telemetric or cabled, the latter option usually preferred when the shackle is to be fitted subsea to a mooring or tie-down.

Manufactured from a premium brand and globally recognised shackle manufacturers Crosby. SP Loadshackles are rated at 5:1 and supplied in a carry case or shipping crate with a certificate of proof test and calibration with a two-year warranty. Every product is shipped with a custom machined rotating load bobbin that acts to centralise and evenly distribute the load across the shackle pin.

Straightpoint Loadshackle Range

Loadshackles in stock from 3.25t to over 500t
IP67 / NEMA6 environmental protection
1000m or 3280ft wireless range
1200-hour battery life for the wireless version
Submersible or subsea versions available with SubConn
Cable output options such as 4-20mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, ±10 V, CANbus, RS485